Frequently Asked Questions


What are the DICOM service that Dicoogle supports?

Dicoogle support DICOM C-STORE, C-FIND and C-MOVE.

How can I search over the metadata?

Search Free Text, Looking for CT keyword:

Just type CT.

Search by Date Range, Access images in date 2005/03/29 with Advanced Query parameters:

Modality:CT AND StudyDate:[20050329 TO 20050329]

What are the default credentials of Dicoogle?

Username: dicoogle
Password: dicoogle

How can I index my DICOM repository?

First, run the Dicoogle. Then, you need to have access to your file directory (it works via Shared Folder in Windows systems). Go to the File -> Scan Disk and select your directory.

If you’re in the Web version, login and go to “Management” and select the Dicoogle Directory Monitorization, then Apply settings and click in “Start”

Are you in a LAN (Local Area Network) and P2P network is not working. What is wrong?

If you’re running UNIX or BSD based systems with Virtual Machines installed you should disable the interfaces using e.g. “ifconfig vmnet8 down”